The Sorensen family Homepage

We are a small family of 4 members: Birgit, Søren, Claus and Bo. Claus lives in Canada with his lovely girlfriend Janet.

In August 1998 we paid our first visit to Canada to visit Janet and Claus. I made these pages to express our gratitude to all the wonderful people, who made it such a perfect trip.

Since our first trip in 1998 we have been back in Vancouver several times. In December 2000 Janet and Claus had Britt. Like all grandparents we find Britt, our first grandchild, gorgeous. Anyway you must admit that she is cute. I don't know how they managed to keep her calm as long as it took to take the photo.

When I find the time I am writing about our latest trips to Vancouver, which in our humble opinion is the most wonderful city in the world. I have not finished the writing yet, but you may have a preview of our experiences.

The Nordhagen family tree