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What brought the Sorensens to Vancouver?
Janet, Britt and Claus

In Denmark we have a saying "Grandchildren is the dessert of life" - and if you know me (or just look at me), you know, that I love desserts. Our son Claus has been living in beautiful Vancouver together with his girlfriend Janet for about 4 years. They met i Saudi Arabia, where they worked for some years. They met and fell in love and decided to settle in Canada. After living for about one year near campus at UBC (University of British Columbia), where Janet was studying, they bought a house near Fraser River.

Britt Arenlund Nordhagen Sorensen And one day pictures like these started to appear in our mailbox. On December 14t 2000 Janet gave birth to a little girl - our first grandchild. And now we had come to Vancouver til meet with little Britt. In fact her name was not yet Britt, since she was going to be baptized a week after our arrival. This was going to take place on the family farm in Hythe (near Grande Prairee) i Alberta. We had met Janet's parents and her sister Linda and her husband Pete during our previous visit to Vancouver i 1998. Now we were ancious to see the place, where Janet and the other Nordhagens grew up - and where many of the clan still lives. And hopefully revisit Janet's sister Jane and her husband Terry and their kids in Langley - close to the American border.

Mine kusiner Enis og Kirsten med deres mor Frida We were looking forward to seeing some of the things, we missed during our previous visit. And - after advice from my cousin Enis' husband, Jim - we would go to Vancouver Island for a couple of days. We also hoped to have the opportunity to meet with my cousin Kirsten - Enis' sister. This part of the family emigrated to Canada about 1956, and I had not seen Kirsten since then. Finally we had planned to go to Seattle for a day or two to visit Dorte and Lars Bolund, very good friends from Denmark. Lars was going to work for one year as a guest professor at the university of Seattle.

If you decide to follow us around Vancouver, to Vancouver Island, to Alberta etc. I promise that I shall try to keep "family stuff" on a minimum - though it may be tough for me.

Birgit and I arrived in Vancouver International Airport via Frankfurt. The airport is situated on an island at Fraser River, 13 km from downtown Vancouver. Claus picked us up. Otherwise we might have taken a taxi to the city - price 20 CAD, 33 CAD for a limo. The flight time from Vancouver about 9 hours, which equals the difference in time zones. It is a strange feeling stepping out from an airplane a couple of minutes earlier than you left Europe. But we would have to "pay back" those 9 hours going home. No jetlag - it does not seem to be a problem when you are going west.

Janet and Claus' home
Fraser River, Vancouver Approx. 1 year before Janet and Claus moved from campus, UBC to a new house in the western part of Vancouver, close to the boundary of Burnaby. The photo to the right has been shot from the garden side. From the the other side you would see, that there is a garage in the basement.

Fraser River, Vancouver Less than 100 meters from the house runs the Fraser River, sometimes called the heart blood of B.C. Fraser travels more than 1.400 miles from Mount Robson in the interior of British Columbia to Vancouver. It is one of the major salmon spawning streams in BC. Near Vancouver, the river splits into the south and north arms. In the early days of the province the river was the major source of transportation. It is still a major source of transportation today, carrying everything from Japanese cars to logs from the West Coast forests. Many of the river's sides in Greater Vancouver are leased to lumber companies. During spring the river has a volume of up to 500.000 cubic feet per second, which rivals the flow of the Mississippi. It's been a long time since Simon Fraser and his group of explorers i 1808 paddled their way down the Fraser. Several times during our stay Birgit and I would walk along the wonderful river with Britt.


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